3 Quick Tips To UP Your Branding Game In 2019

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We have been thinking and brainstorming ways on how do we as a supplier/business partner provide more value to our customers apart from providing them with high quality food packaging solutions.

In this blog post, we will share with you 3 quick tips you can apply to UP your branding game in 2019. The tips shared on this blog post is mean for businesses in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, so it doesn’t matter whether you operate a street food stall, hawker stall, cafe, restaurant, or a food delivery business, you can apply it to your business immediately and level up your branding game for your business.

Some of you might be familiar with the business strategy of Branding and to those that are not familiar, well just in case we have provided a link to the definition of Branding HERE. In order for a business to establish a lasting relationship with their customers/stakeholders, a business have to do more than just providing good service and experience to their customers, hence the importance of creating/nurturing your business’s very own Brand/Voice/Identity where your customers can relate and remember.

The following are the 3 quick tips you can use and apply to level up your branding game;

1) Establish Your Business Brand Name/Logo

This might sound very obvious to some of you BUT in reality this is probably the most overlooked thing when it comes to a business’s branding strategy. For example, during your weekly visit to your favourite night markets or “Pasar Malam”, try to look at your favourite street food vendors and see if you can find any sort of Brand Identity that they use/implement in their business (And the business owner’s face doesn’t count as Brand Identity, LOL). You would start to realise that many F&B businesses especially the small/medium enterprises, they don’t leverage on branding strategy which will in turn affect them in the mid to long term business, as they might have issues with customer retention because their customers might have issues remembering them.

Most established F&B businesses, their marketing strategies emphasise mainly on their own brand identity and awareness. For example, when you visit your favourite fast food outlet, take KFC as an example, when you order takeaway, you will notice that almost all their packaging is branded with their own Brand (the cardboard box, tissues, paper cups and plastic bags). This is how established F&B businesses leverage on Branding to grow their business.

If you haven’t establish your business brand name/logo, you should now. As usual, many would argue that it costs a lot when it comes to designing/creating a brand logo, well now we are going to share with you the places where you can get such services for cheap (and almost FREE if you take the time to design it yourself).

The following are the websites where you can get your brand logo created:

Canva (https://www.canva.com)
Canva is a free web application where you can design your own Brand Logo/Name. It is very easy to use (unlike those professional designing software like Adobe Illustrator).

Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com)
Fiverr is a platform where you can hire freelance service providers for their services. The cost of getting your brand logo created here typically range from RM50 to RM500+ depending on the independent service providers in the platform.

99designs (https://99designs.com)
99designs is probably one of the most professional design services platforms on the web. It typically costs more getting creative services on this website compared to other sites. However, if you have the extra budget and want something that truly speaks your brand and want to stand out from the rest. This is the place for you.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to any of the above websites and we don’t get any monetary incentives for promoting the above websites. We promote them truly because they are great places to get things done.

2) Brand Your Products/Services

To those that have already establish your business’s brand identity. It is time to flaunt your brand identity in your products or services, whether it is your dine-in customers or take-away customers it is always a good idea to have most your products/services to have your brand’s identity, such as branded tissues, branded take-away paper bags, branded paper lunch boxes and etc.

Some of you might be thinking “It is easy for you to say, but it costs a lot to us small business owners and we might not be able to tolerate such cost and expenditures”. Well as much as I can empathise with those that think this way.

But the Truth is, amplifying your business’s Brand Identity doesn’t need to cost an arm or a leg. For example, the easiest way to brand your packaging collaterals can be as easy as getting a custom rubber stamp made at your local stationery supply store (typically below RM30?). With it you can stamp your brand logo/name on any of your existing packaging collaterals. Simple and cheap isn’t it? *wink*

Another low cost alternative is to get custom printed stickers or labels with your brand name/logo, so you can stick it onto your existing packaging collaterals. This may cost more than the above but it will save you a lot of manual labour as with a rubber stamp.

Finally, if your business have the budget and means to have a customise branded packaging collaterals, by all means go for it. Trust me you will thank yourself later. Another thing we would like to mention is that, in reality customised packaging collaterals doesn’t cost that much more than your usual generic supplies, as a general rule of thumb it costs anywhere from 18-25% more than your generic supplies, but with the exception where you might need to buy in bulk or what we call a minimum order quantity(MOQ) so that the packaging supplier is able to amortise the set-up/printing charges involved

3) Establish A Digital Presence For Your Business

The last quick tip that we have is to establish a digital presence for your business even though you already have a “brick n mortar” presence. Having a digital presence is one of the easiest ways for you to reach out to more potential customers and also a place where your customers can interact with your business.

So if you haven’t created an Instagram account or a Facebook account for your business, you better create it now because it is technically FREE (we Malaysians LOVE free stuff, always…) Once you have your social media account for your business, remember quick tip No. 2? Make sure that you show your IG/FB account tags on your packaging collaterals or posters, so that your customers can follow your social media accounts for updates and promotions.

For those that have the extra budget to go a step further, you can also opt to have your website created which is also a major plus point later on when you decide to run paid digital advertising (FB/IG & Google ads) which I will touch on in our upcoming blog posts.

Having a digital presence is like having an additional outlet for your business. Think of it like your community management system or your public notice board for your business. Where you can promote your upcoming promotions and any operational hours updates and so on.

Credits: https://unsplash.com/@timtanzy

It has been a long post, I hope that the tips that we shared is able to help you in your business journey. If there is anything you like to add, feel free to drop your comments below and also what would you like to know more in terms of branding/marketing/digital marketing, we will do our best to provide you with tips and strategies on how to grow your F&B business.

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