Biodegradable Disposable Fork And Spoon 7 inch

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  • Poly(lactic acid) or polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch (in the United States and Canada), cassava roots, chips or starch (mostly in Asia), or sugarcane (in the rest of the world).
  • PLA is Bio-degradable/Compostable within 12 weeks.
  • Environmental Friendly disposable cutleries for events, family gatherings, food caterings.
  • Strong Built Quality.
  • Does not break easily like those cheap plastic alternatives.
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 40 cm

Cream white

Surface Finishing

Low Sheen

Raw Materials

Corn Starch [Polylactic-acid, PLA] Food Grade Material


100 sets, 500 sets, 1000 sets


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