Where To Buy Paper Lunch Boxes And Paper Food Trays In Malaysia?


With the recent introduction of the Roadmap Towards Zero Single-use Plastics 2018-2030 by our Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister, Yeo Bee Yin. It might come as a concern to many small business owners in the food-service industry in Malaysia.

What does the roadmap means to small business owners in the food-service industry in Malaysia? Well as a start, most small businesses have to start implementing a more environmentally sustainable way in operating their day-to-day business, such as replacing plastic bags with bio-degradable plastic bags.

However, the most critical factor affecting small businesses in the food-service industry are the types of packaging that is currently used by the local Malaysian community which is mainly made from single-use plastic materials.

In order to comply with the current guidelines, businesses have to start replacing their existing single-use plastic packagings (especially takeaway meals/orders) to environmentally friendly alternatives which is made from either sugarcane pulp, food grade board, cornstarch PLA, oil palm fibres and etc.

It might come as a challenge to source for this kind of environmentally friendly alternatives for many small businesses as their usual wholesalers/retailers doesn’t carry such food packaging supplies. As a result, it might slow down the transition towards zero single-use plastics.

We at Paper Inc. are a food packaging solutions startup that specialises in environmentally sustainable food packaging supplies based in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. We provide a range of biodegradable food packaging products for the food-service industry in Malaysia ranging from paper food trays to biodegradable cutleries (fork and spoons).

Our main core products are consists of Paper Lunch Boxes and Paper Food Trays. Both are made from FSC certified food grade paper boards and made locally in Malaysia with local hires. We currently supply to food & beverage businesses in klang valley.

Small businesses in the food-service industry can now buy paper lunch boxes and paper food trays in online marketplaces such as Lazada @ Click HERE or visit our online shop at Click HERE

We also welcome customers to purchase at our office which is located in Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

Follow our Facebook page Paper Inc. or Instagram account at for promotions and product updates.

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